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The simplest access management for gates and doors in apartments and HOAs

Access control in apartments and HOAs is outdated, insecure, and clunky

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Remotes, fobs, call-boxes, networks wiring, servers, controllers…

It’s a pain to manage and frustrating to use.


DoorPal is the simplest access system, built specifically for apartments and HOAs

Access control the way it should be: simple, affordable, modern. DoorPal provides a simple web-based management portal and easy-to-use mobile credentials. 

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DoorPal works on any access point including gates, garages, and door. Offer mobile credentials or existing physical credentials for an easy transition.

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Remote access

Ditch the clunky, expensive call-box. DoorPal provides the ability to open a gate or door from wherever you are.

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Improve security and put an end to after-hours pool parties. Schedule when you want gates and doors accessed by user groups and set automatic openings.

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Secure cloud

Eliminate expensive fobs and remotes, view access logs, set notifications, and manage users from anywhere you have internet.

Powerful features for residents and managers

Simple, affordable pricing


One-time hardware and installation cost per access point.


Per access point paid annually. Includes cellular access, support, unlimited users, unlimited mobile credentials, remote access, logs, reports, and more! Discounts for 4+ access points.


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